Our collaborative network is still growing! This week we are thrilled to introduce two new members to our network. The two of them promise to bring important features to the project, and both of them are joyful to collaborate with all of us.

The first one in Scuola Holden, a Torino-based private school founded in 1994 by five friends. They described themselves as a “school for storytellers” and it is named after Holden Caulfield, narrator and protagonist of J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye”, establishing itself as a atypical school for out-of-the-ordinary people. Scuola Holden is a deeply interdisciplinary school, just to give you an idea: it is owned by a partnership between a writer, an entrepreneur, a publisher and a management expert, and its CEO is a former coach of Italy’s national volleyball team. They like to summarize their objective with one sentence: “how to make the school we all dreamt of when we were at school”.


Our second new partner is Tudert Cultural Association, located in the city of Akbouch, in Algeria. Tudert is a small cultural association that works with youths, women and artists. Their activities cover a wide variety of fields, including amateur theater, sport events highlighting fair-play and assessing women on difficult situations. Their main goal is to promote a culture of tolerance, respect and understanding, and to sensibilize toward recurrent social problems that impede cooperation. Tudert and CREATURE have come together through our common partner Omar Le-Chéri. Members of Tudert Cultural Association are looking forward to become both, facilitators and students of our CULTURESHIP platform.

We are happy to welcome both institutions into our network, and look forward to working with them and construct meaningful projects together.