It will be a busy and interesting month of March for the members of CREATURE’s Creative Writing Club. Two major writers are scheduled to visit the Club to speak profoundly about their profession. The event will be public, and it’s the first organized by the Writing Club in 2016.

On Thursday March 17, Lydie Salvayre, winner of the Prix Goncourt of 2014 with her novel “Pas Pleurer”, will be the first writer to visit or Club. Salvayre is French of Spanish descent. Besides the recent Goncourt Prize, she was also awarded the Prix Hermes for First Novel 1990 with “La Declaration”, and the Prix Novembre 1997 for “La Compagnie de Spectres”.


One week later, on March 24, Hédi Kaddour, finalist for the Prix Goncourt 2015 with his novel “Les Préponderants” will also share his experiences. Kaddour is a Franco-Tunisian novelist and poet. His most recent novel, “Les Préponderants” was a major success and was widely recognized of one of the best French novels of the year. The novel was also awarded the Grand Prix du Roman de l’Academie Francaise 2015, and the Prix Jean Freusité 2015.


Everyone at the Writing Club is excited about both visits. We are hoping also to receive many interested visitors. A summary about the most important ideas and moments from both events will be posted in our weekly Newsletter.