On our last newsletter we wrote about Learning Circles, a group-study method developed by P2PU and Chicago Public Library. We are proud to announce that last Thursday March 10th, CREATURE became the first organization to coordinate and run a Learning Circle in Paris. We have high hopes in using this method as a pivotal element for the CULTURESHIP Project . Moreover, we are in constant communication with the developers of Learning Circles to make assure we build the best learning experience for CULTURESHIP.

The first Learning Circle received widely positive comments from the attendees. Mostly agreeing that it addresses efficiently the group-dynamic elements lacking when partaking in online courses individually. A open course from Coursera titled “Changer le monde : passons a l’action (creer son entreprise sociale)” was chosen by the attendees to be our pilot module. This first session was closed to members of the Paris network, but future sessions will be open to all students that might be interested in the course or the experience.

More information about our experiences with Learning Circles will be shared in future newsletters. If you are interested, please visit our blog post where you can find links to documents, presentation and other information.