So, as most of you know, Edgar Ornelas joined the Paris CREATURE team in February, and is focusing most of his efforts on developing the CULTURESHIP platform. He’s playing a pivotal role in keeping the partnership structure alive, and making sure our endeavours are well timed and coordinated. As such, it seemed obvious he should be the first “People” feature in our community’s weekly news update!

Edgar is from Mexico, and has studied Psychology and Cognitive Science both in Mexico and the US. He went on to teach for three years, and took a break from his job to pursue an Ed Tech Master’s at the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity in Paris. Edgar and I met last September when he was making a presentation on a “serious game” app he designed, which aims at facilitating foreigner’s first steps in a new city via crowdsourcing and social interaction. I was impressed by the idea, we talked about it and about creativity, writing, and so on. Quite naturally Edgar gravitated towards the CULTURESHIP project, until it was obvious he should join the team for his Master’s internship.

When he’s not busy writing emails and building the CULTURESHIP platform, Edgar spreads his interdisciplinary wings and wades into not-so-academic pursuits, such as brewing his own beer, comparing French breads, writing creatively and travelling. He’s also pretty good at coding and all that innovative pedagogy jazz, which makes him invaluable for our purposes. A great addition to the team indeed – I look forward to you all meeting him for our next meeting at the end of the month!