Our network is growing. The latest partner to join CULTURESHIP is Novancia Business School in Paris. After several meetings and emails, both organizations have agreed that we pursue common objectives and we should work together to achieve them.

Here are some highlights about Novancia and what they bring to our network:

They aim to “transform students with ideas into student-entrepreneurs with tools”. Novancia has several cultural and artistic student associations (eg. Theater) Novancia, their staff and students organize and participate in several cultural events throughout the year. They are working with Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle to open a co-working space. The schools and their programs are widely influenced by the PEPITE environment (a French program that educates in entrepreneurship and innovation).

Our new partnership with Novancia could also lead to the inclusion of more members to the network. There are potential partners in Brussels and Université de la Marconi, in Rome. This is particularly important in view of the approaching deadline of the Erasmus+ Funding application.

More information about Novancia can be found in their website.

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