Creature presents Culture Backstage, 
an international training program for future cultural 
and artistic entrepreneurs


Creature is pleased to announce the launch of Culture Backstage, an EU funded training program for young cultural entrepreneurs who wish to develop and implement projects on a European scale. It is developed by the European Creative Network for Culture, under the leadership of Creature.

This program is designed for young aspiring cultural and artistic entrepreneurs to acquire the theoretical and practical means to make their ideas come true. The participants will learn about culture, entrepreneurship, art, media, philosophy, marketing and much more while exploring major European cities and cultural hubs !

Working across linguistic and cultural barriers, Culture Backstage will bring together cultural entrepreneurs and empower them, in an environment sufficiently strong and offering a sufficiently unified track so that a sense of community and common culture can emerge, fostering collaboration, exchange and synergies.

The program will take place between June 1st 2018 and June 30th 2019 at the following partners institutions: 
Cost of participation

93% of fees are covered  by Erasmus+ , including courses, transportation and accommodation

Each selected participant will provide a contribution of 20 euros per day of training (26 days total) to cover:

For further information and application details please consult our brochure ☞ DOWNLOAD



I live in one of the partner countries and have documents that attest this, but my country of origin is neither France, Poland, Germany, Belgium or Italy. Can I apply?
Yes. As long as you have documents attesting that your country of residence is one of the partner countries, you can apply.

I don’t live in one of the partner countries, but my nationality is French, German, Polish, Belgian or Italian. Can I apply for the program?
Yes, but you will need to pay for your own flight tickets when we travel to different cities.

I neither live in nor have the nationality of any of the partner countries. Can I apply?
No, unfortunately you cannot apply.

My 31st birthday is in the 15th of June. Am I still eligible for the program?
Yes. If you are minimum 18 years and less than 31 years of age on the 1st of June 2018, you are eligible for the program.


What should I highlight in my personal statement?
In your personal statement, we will value honesty and clarity. Your educational degrees are not essential. We are interested in who you are, how you see the world, why you’re motivated to follow the program.

What should I highlight in the presentation of my project?
The presentation of your project does not need to be a very precise description of an already planned-out project. We focus on how you describe the value of your project and your motivations for creating it.

Will I still be considered for the program even if I’ve never worked in or studied the fields of art, entrepreneurship and culture?
Your professional and educational experience is not essential for our evaluation of your application. However we need it to be very clear from your application why you’re motivated for, and capable of, creating a cultural and artistic project.


Where will I be living in the different cities?
It is up to the partner institutions of the program to organize housing for the students, and the costs are covered by the Erasmus+ program. Usually you will be living in hostels and sometimes in university dorms or private homes. You will be sharing a room with at least one other person.

Can I arrive earlier or leave later than the other students when we visit the different cities?
Yes, if you provide and pay for your own residence beyond the days of the program.

Can I stay at a friend’s place in the cities we are traveling to?
Yes, but in that case the program will not cover any costs for your accommodation.

On which dates exactly are we travelling to and from the different cities? I see from the brochure that the first day in Turin is the 18th of June and the last is the 22nd. Are we travelling on those days?
No. Every time you travel to a new city, you will be arriving the day before classes start and leaving the day after they finish.

Can I get another grant to cover what is not already paid by the program?
The Erasmus+ grant of the program does not exclude the option of applying for other grants. However neither Erasmus+ nor the partners of the program will cover more than the 93% of the costs.


Will I be seeing cultural and artistic places and happenings in the different cities (or is the program only hard work)?
Yes. As the idea of the program is to immerse the participants in diverse cultural environments in Europe, you’ll be visiting and learning about the interesting places and events that the cities of the program have to offer.

Will I be organizing cultural outings during the program?
Yes. As the program relies on the proactivity of the students, it is up to the residents of the host country to organize cultural outings in that particular week of the program.

Will there be homework?
Yes. During each week of the program, outside of classes, students will have a task or a presentation to develop.

What will I be doing between the weeks of travel?
The program continues between the weeks of travel. This means that you will have to put around 8-10 hours of work per week into the periods between traveling. You will be actively engaged in organizing the learning platform of Creative Network for Culture. This will imply cooperating with other participants of the program and creating MOOCs (massive open online courses). For that reason we require participants to have a minimum of video editing and infographic skills. Furthermore the program will supply you with specific skills needed to create a MOOC.

What kind of MOOCs will I be creating?
You will be creating 7 MOOCs in total: Number 1-6 will be in the form of video documentaries (around 15 minutes duration each) about each of the partner organizations of the program, focusing on what cultural entrepreneurs can learn from each particular case. Later in the program you will also be creating a MOOC about a self-chosen topic centered around cultural entrepreneurship.

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