TOOLS : Learning Circles

Not only are we are looking for innovative ideas to develop CULTURESHIP’s online experience, we are also searching for the latest pedagogical methods developed that could fit our collaborative network’s particular conditions, and how can we benefit most from each one of them. This week, we want to introduce you the concept of Learning Circles, a method for taking in-person online courses. It was published by our American Partner, Peer to Peer University, and Chicago Public Library. A presentation we...


PROFILES: Edgar Ornelas

So, as most of you know, Edgar Ornelas joined the Paris CREATURE team in February, and is focusing most of his efforts on developing the CULTURESHIP platform. He’s playing a pivotal role in keeping the partnership structure alive, and making sure our endeavours are well timed and coordinated. As such, it seemed obvious he should be the first “People” feature in our community’s weekly news update! Edgar is from Mexico, and has studied Psychology and Cognitive Science both in Mexico and...


MEETUP with writers Hédi Kaddour and Lydie Salvayre

It will be a busy and interesting month of March for the members of CREATURE’s Creative Writing Club. Two major writers are scheduled to visit the Club to speak profoundly about their profession. The event will be public, and it’s the first organized by the Writing Club in 2016. On Thursday March 17, Lydie Salvayre, winner of the Prix Goncourt of 2014 with her novel “Pas Pleurer”, will be the first writer to visit or Club. Salvayre is French of Spanish...