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26 Fév

MEETUP with writers Hédi Kaddour and Lydie Salvayre

It will be a busy and interesting month of March for the members of CREATURE’s Creative Writing Club. Two major writers are scheduled to visit the Club to speak profoundly about their profession. The event will be public, and it’s the first organized by the Writing Club in 2016. On Thursday March 17, Lydie Salvayre, winner of the Prix Goncourt of 2014 with her novel “Pas Pleurer”, will be the first writer to visit or Club. Salvayre is French of Spanish...

26 Fév

ACTIVITIES: Learning Circles First Report

On our last newsletter we wrote about Learning Circles, a group-study method developed by P2PU and Chicago Public Library. We are proud to announce that last Thursday March 10th, CREATURE became the first organization to coordinate and run a Learning Circle in Paris. We have high hopes in using this method as a pivotal element for the CULTURESHIP Project . Moreover, we are in constant communication with the developers of Learning Circles to make assure we build the best learning...