Monthly Archives: octobre 2016

11 Oct

NETWORK: Two new partners join the network

Our collaborative network is still growing! This week we are thrilled to introduce two new members to our network. The two of them promise to bring important features to the project, and both of them are joyful to collaborate with all of us. The first one in Scuola Holden, a Torino-based private school founded in 1994 by five friends. They described themselves as a “school for storytellers” and it is named after Holden Caulfield, narrator and protagonist of J.D. Salinger’s...

11 Oct

Design Thinking Workshop

Last Tuesday February 29, CREATURE organized a Design Thinking Workshop with some of the trainees of the Paris Network. The activities spread along half of the day, in which every young project leader had a chance to present and discuss their projects in full detail, meet their new co-workers on this project, and provide insight into what specific requirements the CULTURESHIP platform should achieve for them. This was the first session of at least two that we have planned. We are...